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Happy birthday to you!!!

Jo is my friend…I’m positive!

I never thought that in another country, and in only 3 months..I could get a so strong relationship with another person! I will thank him forever for what he did for me in the period I spent in Hershey. He helped me, he brought me everywhere…and he invited me to his 21 years old birthday (6th of August). It was a lot of fun…

His family was very kind with me..(Carl…I want another burger!)..and Molson is a very sweet dog (we slept together one night!!!). We went to Allentown to dance in a bar. It was called Banana Joe…very funny place…we made fun of people dancing…and we had 6 shots in the last half of hour!Crazy stuff! Jo booked a VAN to bring us back home…and along the street we stopped to a party in an house in Allentown.

The best part of the night, it was to stay outside the Jo’s house with him (he was really drunk), and bringing him several glasses of water and speaking with him about the way to reduce the hangover!!! I don’t know if he remembers this piece of night!!!

I think that I will meet him again (I want to)…I told him to come in Italy next summer…10 days to see the best crazy things of one of the best country of the world (in my opinion!)

Good bye Jo…or better see you soon RASPA boy!!!

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